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Fully Funded, No Up-front costs, Hyrbid Heat Pump Installation

Keep your heating costs down this coming winter with our hybrid heatpump.

  • Replace your old boiler with new technology.
  • Combines gas condensing technology and air-to-water heat pump.
  • Government scheme will pay you tax free income up to £14,000.
  • No up-front costs.
  • Delivers up to 35% more heating efficiency.
  • Low running costs for heating and domestic hot water.
  • Easy and fast installation.

You could get a fully funded installation at no up-front cost whilst earning from the governement funding incentive. A more energy efficienty system than can fuel your home much more efficiently without all the costs.

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What people are saying about

We've helped other home owners make their properties more energy effiecient and they love the results.

help2buyfunding managed the entire process from start to finish, never was I in the dark! I'm over the moon with my hybrid heatpump.

Teri Wayne

Such a friendly bunch of guys and very professional. Once I fully understood the entire ordeal, it was an easier decision than I thought!

Seid Salami

Help2Buy Funding help shed light to all my un-answered questions, making the decision easy. So happy!

Emily Clark

What is condensing boiler technology?

Our Hybrid Heatpump converts used fuel into usable heat, vitually without loss. Not only is this great for the enviroment, low energy consumption means low energy costs.

A more energy efficient system

Officially increases up to 10 - 15% compared to traditional gas condensing boilers thanks to a special dual heat exhanger.

Environmentally Friendly

Instead of exhausting fuel into our air, it is re-used as heat, thus keeping the water in your home running warm, when you need it.

Boost your performance

Cold tap water flows directly into the heat exchanger giving you instant hot water, using less energy and working efficiently.

Ideal for rennovation applications

Our Hybrid Heatpump would be perfect for a new build or rennovation. Start your properties footprint off on an evrionmentally friendly start.

An oppertunity in residential heating!

What are you waiting for?

You could fuel your home with a fully funded hybrid heating system that in return, generates up to 35% more heating effeciency, resulting in much lower energy costs.